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Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians

Listen to the DocCom podcast – Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians. Communication experts in the healthcare industry talk about the most effective practices, lessons learned and how to overcome challenges in communicating with patients. Listen to experts share their innovative tips and proven techniques.

  1. Teaching Communication Skills: How to Improve Clinicians' Techniques – Calvin Chou, MD, PhD
  2. Communicating Bad News – Tim Quill, MD
  3. Responding to Strong Emotions – Tim Gilligan, MD
  4. History of Communication between Clinicians & Patients – Bill Clark, MD
  5. Effective Communication to Resolve Conflicts – Michael Wilkes, MD
  6. Communicating with Civility – Rich Frankel, PhD
  7. Clinician-patient Communication Linked to Health Outcomes – Rick Street, PhD
  8. Communication on High Performance Teams – Maysel Kemp White, PhD, MFT, FAACH
  9. Linking Communication to Motivation – Geof Williams, MD, PhD
  10. Communication Skills Residents Learn from Spending a Night in the Hospital – Jeff Luther, MD
  11. Plus more….

The 20 to 25-minute weekly podcasts are short enough to listen to while you’re commuting or exercising. You can sign-up on iTunes or Stitcher to have the podcasts sent to you automatically when they’re published, or you can download them when you have the time.

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